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Why drink apple juice

Apple juice is one of the popular juices to drink.  This refreshing drink makes great breakfast drink, which goes well with your meal.  Apple juice is a fantastic afternoon drink as well.

In addition, apple juice has lots of benefits, which makes it a nutritious drink.  Most importantly, apple juice contains phyto nutrients, which are good anti oxidants, which eradicateoxidizing agents which are highly likely to damage your body.  Apple juice will also help to get rid of toxins found in your body and also excess fat, improving your physical wellbeing.  With a better physical wellbeing, apple juice will benefit one’s mind, as it helps to bring more clarity and control your senses.

Why is apple juice good for you? Below are some of the benefits on why you should drink your way to good health!Image result for Why drink apple juice

  • Decreases the risk of certain cancers, including breast cancer
    As apples contain anti-oxidants and powerful vitamins, apple juice can help to decrease the risk of certain cancers and help the body to perform at top condition.

  • Protecting against brain cell damage
    Studies have proven that apples contain some properties that boost the brain cells.  These powerful nutrients are great protection against our brain cells from damaging

  • Protect against Alzheimer’s disease and enhances memory

Because of the properties mentioned in the previous point, apple juice offers great protection against Alzheimer’s disease as well and can enhance one’s memory too.

  • Reduces the probability of getting heart disease

Apple juice are well known to protect the heart, thanks to the beneficial ingredients found in these power fruit.  Therefore, apple juice reduces the probability of getting heart disease

  • Reduces the risk of getting stroke

The phyto nutrients found in apple juice Reduces the risk of getting stroke

After knowing the apple juice benefits listed above, we move to the next part, on how to make apple juice.  Making your own apple juice is better than buying apple juice off the shelfs in supermarkets.  This is because your own home made juice will be fresh, which means most of the nutrients are preserved.  In addition, you choose those apples, which means that you are assured of the quality of the apples, as you will buy the organic and better quality owns.  Lastly, the apple juice contain less sugar, as commercial ones tend to include a high amount of sugar and low percentage of real apple juice, for profit reasons.  

Apple juices can be made from a few ways.  The most traditional way is to peel and cut the apples into quarters.  Put these cut apples into the pot and pour water till they cover the apples.  Leave the pot to simmer until they become soft.  Mash these “cooked” apples into the colander and drain the juice.  This is your very homemade apple juice.

Alternatively, use juicer, which is the high tech and fastest way.  This may be a good choice for the modern folks who are time starved.  They can enjoy fresh apple juice in no time.

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