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Use of Medical Marijuana for Hepatitis C and Arthritis Treatment

When you look for preventive measures of cancer, marijuana may not even be the last thing that might come to your mind. Various researches conducted on the preventive measures of cancer and one of the astonishing results that have come out of those researches are the effectiveness of marijuana in dealing with cancer. It is perhaps one of the most fatal diseases a man can have. So, now the question arises, is cancer the only diseases that can be treated by using marijuana or there are others as well? Let’s find out.

Hepatitis C

The treatment for hepatitis C is perhaps one of the harshest treatments that one may have to face in his or her lifetime. There are multiple side-effects of this disease such as nausea, muscle aches, depression, and loss appetites. Because of these side-effects, many fail to complete the treatment of hepatitis C. One research conducted on the effects of marijuana on helping patients complete the hepatitis C revealed that 86% of the people who consume marijuana regularly have been able to complete the treatment, whereas only 29% of non-marijuana smokers have been able t do the same. This shows that there is an effect of medical marijuana in helping patients to complete the treatment of Hepatitis C.


Arthritis is perhaps one of the most prevalent diseases on this earth. There are occasions where people suffering from arthritis face severe pain and inflammation. However, the smokers of medical cannabis seem to be less affected by the pain and inflammation of arthritis that the non-smokers. So, it can be assumed that medical marijuana helps them to fight against the pain and inflammation of arthritis.

So, cancer is not just one disease, just like, Hepatitis C or Arthritis, marijuana could help in treating various diseases and give you a better life.

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