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Take care of your eyes and they will last forever.

It is true that we need to care for our eyes properly. Our eyes are subjected to all sorts of daily occurrences, wind, bad air, particles in the air, dust and much more. Also, as we get older we may have some eye problems which can be well treated by specialists. If we are experiencing trouble seeing properly we do need to visit the Ophthalmologist. It may be that we have been referred toour first line of thought, the Optometrist.

Visiting an eye surgeon for the first time can be an eerie experience. After all, we see with our eyes and they have always performed correctly, until now!Suddenly, we seem to be seeing floating spots in the eyes, flashes of light occur sometimes and our vision is blurred on occasions. These are all early warning symptoms of a partially detached retina in the eye. Very often age related, retinal detachment can occur at any time and needs immediate attention or you can lose your sight permanently. Luckily for us there are doctors and specialists called Ophthalmic Surgeons. They can diagnose when a retina, which has pulled away from the soft tissue behind the eye, needs attention and luckily again, this procedure is carried out on a daily basis all over the world.

You can succumb to retinal detachment after cataract surgery although this is not always the case. Eye damage can occur and can be caused by accidents, damaging fluids entering the eye or simply age related. If a retina becomes partially detached or torn then a visit to the eye doctor will probably rectify the problem. Today, the eye doctor or ophthalmologist can re-attach the retina with a laser which is a heat process bonding the torn retina back to the lens or cryopexy, freezing surgeryand another bonding technique. Yes, it can be that simple however, in more serious cases where the retina may become completely detached you will need comprehensive eye surgery.

We previously mentioned, the bonding or sealing a tear or partially detached retina can be bonded, often with a band of clear silicone which seals the tear and remains in the eye.Near sighted persons are more prone to a torn or partially detached retina. Also, high blood pressure or diabetes is a common cause. To repair a detached retina, they call the procedure pneumatic retinopexy. This surgery has to be performed with precision as the retina is a part of the eye that sends messages through to the optic nerve and on to the brain. If this is not operating correctly we cannot see. Usually a gas bubble is injected into the eye which pushes the retina back into place. A laser or cryopexy procedure is then used to bond it in place, a similar process to the torn retina. It is so important to have the eyes checked once a year as early problems can be detected and the risk of losing one’s sight is therefore, minimized.

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