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  Ruckus Recreational: The best cannabis dispensary in Capitol Hill, Seattle

The legalization of medical and recreational marijuana has opened the doors to business owners who wanted to gain profit from this new and innovative business. Plenty of specialists have proven the benefits of medical and recreational cannabis. Cannabis is claimed to treat certain medical conditions which includes PTSD, Cerebral Palsy and even Glaucoma. If you are in the United States, particularly in Seattle and you are hoping to find the best cannabis provider from all of the dispensaries in capital hill, you could check Ruckus Recreationals, the best dispensary in Capitol Hill.

Ruckus Recreational

Ruckus Recreational was opened in December 2015, by Sam Burke who was issued a license to sell medical and recreational marijuana in Seattle in 2014. Burke’s first store was opened in July 2015 but was immediately closed as one of his competitors opened an all-ages arcade across the street from his store. Law in the Washington State prevents any cannabis store from operating within 1000 feet from all-ages arcade.

Ruckus Recreational is Capitol Hill’s first cannabis shop, and is considered as the best pot shop in town. They sell a wide range of high-quality cannabis, which can be utilized for both medical and recreational purpose. The store is certified by CGC or Clean Green Certified which is considered as the best certifier in the United States, making Ruckus Recreational as the best cannabis shop in Seattle that sells high-quality products.

Ruckus Recreational is located at 1465 E Republican St, Seattle WA 98112, in the United States. They operate daily from 8:00am to 11:45pm, and can also be reached through their hotline: 206-257-4805, for customer service assistance. Their customer service personnel are always available to assist people with their questions and concerns regarding their products, guaranteeing that every customer gets the information they need.

You can also check their social media pages. Ruckus Recreational has three main social media pages which include: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also ask them through their social media pages for faster customer service assistance.

Daily Specials

The store provides a variety of deals, offering the cheapest price range for their high-quality products. Happy Weekend, which is their weekend sale deal, offers cheap prices for customers who are buying cannabis per ounce. Their prices for this special deal vary from $20 for half ounce purchase to $300.

Their daily specials include Munchie Monday, which focuses on selling edible cannabis for a cheaper price. Top-Shelf Tuesday which offers a cheaper price for their top-notch products from major cannabis producers. Wax Wednesday offers oil-based wax cannabis, which is mostly used for recreational purposes, and Topical Thursday which offers cheap deals with Bath Salts and cannabis oil packs.

Wrap Up

There are many cannabis dispensaries in Capital hill. Most of them claim to be provide the best products. However, Ruckus Recreational is still considered to be the best place to purchase cannabis for both medical and recreational use. With an approval from Clean Green Certified, you can be rest assured that all of their products are high-quality and reliable.

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