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A Review of HCG Drops: Which is the Right Choice for You?

Use HCG drops to prevent loss muscle mass during weight loss. Decreased muscle mass is among the common side effects of weight loss. That is especially with the diets that restrict calories intake. The body might think that it is starving and thus reduce the number of calories burned with the aim of conserving energy. Proponents of HCG diet claim that the hormone enhances fat burning. Dieters can prevent muscle mass while losing more fat.

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a protein-based hormone that women produce during pregnancy to help their baby grow. For many decades, people have used the hormone in the medical world to solve numerous problems. However, it has now become an important part of fad diets. HCG is available in drops form, shots, and pills. Its principal purpose is to help suppress the user’s appetite and trigger weight loss. HCG levels in the blood start reducing after the third month of pregnancy.

Clinical Studies Proved HCG Drops to Work?

Several theories have tried to explain the mechanism behind HCG drops and weight loss. Most of the studies have proved that weight loss associated with HCG drops is a result of the low-calorie diets solely. The fat burning is not a result of the hormone. The studies have compared HCG effects with placebo injections given to individuals on calorie-restricted diets. The studies showed that the weight loss is nearly identical between the groups. Some studies have also shown that HCG is not effective in reducing hunger.

How do HCG drops work For Weight Loss?

Proponents of HCG drops claim that it reduces the appetite, boosts body metabolism and helps in burning body fat without cravings for food.

After receiving your HCG injections, drops or pills, place them in a safer place. To keep them cool, place them in your refrigerator. To start the HCG diet, you also need HCG diet supplements and HCG diet food.

After starting the HCG dieting, you should never drink or eat anything at least 30 minutes before and after you take the HCG. That allows maximum absorption of the hormone into the body system. For better results, place the drops under your tongue. The large vein allows faster absorption into the system.

During the loading days, you have to take the HCG drops three times in a day – morning, afternoon and at the evening. Each time take six drops to ensure that the right amount enters your system. Squeeze out the HCG drops each at a time and close your mouth. Never force your tongue down or hold it down. Allow it to rest naturally and hold the HCG drops for 5 minutes to allow better absorption.

There are two protocols to follow – the 26 days and the 42 days protocol. However, regardless of the protocol, you have to take the drops three times in a day. Take four drops in the morning, four drops at the afternoon, and four drops at the evening. During the last three days of your HCG protocol, do not use the drops. Eat 500 calories in a day until you enter Phase 3, which is the weight maintenance phase. You can spit out or swallow the HCG drops.

Conclusion and Recommendation

HCG elevates some other hormones in the body, boosts the metabolism level, and triggers a growth-promoting state. However, you can also lose weight through weight lifting. For better results, eat high-protein foods and take occasional breaks from your diet. That will boost your metabolism.


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