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Rehab centers – Helping people rediscover Life!

With such a great extent of penetration of media into our lives, one cannot stay away from intoxicating product advertisements. Young generation fall prey to the various ideas promoted by these commercials and to the scientific studies promoting health benefits of limited use of alcohol and society eventually faces the issue of alcoholism. Another social menace is drug abuse which is a regular intake of drugs such as heroin, cocaine and marijuana which have extreme detrimental effects on health and well-being.

Drug Rehabs or Rehab Centers

With the application medical treatment and psychotherapy, the Rehab centers are doing a great job to help treat people with dependency on psychotropic substances like alcohol, cocaine, marijuana and heroin. Such treatments are targeted to get rid of the substance dependency and stop substance abuse and, involve administering medication to treat depression or any other disorders as well as applied psychology in terms of counselling sessions to induce behavioral changes to stay away from intoxication.

Treatment Options

Extended usage of psychotropic substance leads to changes in the brain’s chemical structure and asks for proper treatment programs as these changes poses a great risk of relapse. Rehab centers, recovery centers of Arkansas, offer a range of treatment programs such as local support groups, addiction counselling, residential treatment as well as medical care and mental health. Treatment programs are usually for extended duration, usually 3 months or more and entirely vary on case to case basis.

  • Medication:


This treatment options involves administering medications for treating addiction and dependency on the psychotropic substances. Most commonly opioid medications being methadone and buprenorphine and, are used as maintenance therapies that minimize opiate cravings. However, a range of other medications is also prescribed to treat addiction.

  • Counselling:

This is more of a behavioral change treatment or psychotherapy in which individuals are made aware of the problems and behaviors associated with addiction. Counselling sessions are like an eye opener to the individuals to realize the negatives of addiction and embrace healthy lifestyle with positivity. It is like programming their mind on wellness and keeping them motivated to refrain from any sort of intoxicating substance.

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