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Oral or Depot Form; Both are Recommended

Anabolic steroids which come in many trade names are widely used in fitness and sports circles. Fitness lovers and sports persons go for it because of the proven good results. The dosage recommended varies from person to person, and it is need-based. The dosages for women sports players are lower than that recommended for men. Some prefer the oral dose, and some go for depot form. Both are good and serve the purpose. Choose either the oral or the depot form which is convenient for you or which is recommended for you.

The commonly recommended dosage is 50mg per day for men, which is a safe one. For women, a lower dosage is safer to use. They prefer either the oral or the depot form. However, to get faster results in a short span of time, bodybuilders and individuals who seek fitness go far a heavy dose and take 100mg per day.

Oral Form

  • The number of women using the anabolic steroids is less than the number of men and the dosage is lower. But women who use the steroids should consult the doctor and should have to be under proper monitor because of the infamous androgenic effect the steroids have.
  • The oral drops or the tablets are taken with full glass of water and could be taken with or without food. Regular use yields good results, and the person who takes the dose should follow the routine.
  • For best results, it should be kept at the room temperature of 200 to 300C. Like any other drug, it should also be protected from the reach of children and pet animals.
  • If you miss the dose, then go for the next dose if the time for the next dose is close. Otherwise, take the dose in the meantime if the time for the next dose is not close.
  • In case of an accidental overdose, there is no need to panic as it is not a life- threatening one. Seek the advice of your doctor in this situation.
  • Though some side effects are common in using the steroids as in many other drugs, no restriction is prescribed in your eating routines.

Depot Form

  • The anabolic steroids are available in various forms and are used for various purposes. The bodybuilders generally prefer injection form of the anabolic steroids. When they use injections, the hormone goes directly into the bloodstream and they could start their workout quickly than by using the tablets.
  • When the tablet is taken, it should go through the process of ingestion by getting into the liver and takes time to get into the blood stream. The bodybuilder also prefers to avoid the chemical process takes place in the liver in case of taking the tablets. They try to save the liver from any adverse effects.
  • Two available forms are water soluble and oil soluble. When the water-soluble dose is used, the user has to take the dose very often. The daily dosage of 50mg proved to be a good one, and the anabolic steroids give good results when combined with other steroids.



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