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How Long Does It Take A Patient to Get Recovered from Addiction?

How much time it will take to get recovered is the basic question that is asked by people before enrolling for a rehab program. Though it depends on the physical condition and severity of drug addiction, normally it takes around one month to three months of time to get healed completely.

Severity of the addiction

You need to understand that every treatment is designed taking into consideration the present health of the addict and the severity of addiction. People who are in the starting phase would need less time than the ones who are in the acute stage. The more chronic the drug addiction, the longer will be its recovery.

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Type of care

Programs that run for 90 days and more need more extensive “inpatient” care. This includes skills like training, adult education, family counseling, and prolonged transition towards a sober life. Lengthier rehab treatment programs offer more time to deal with issues that fuel addiction and also makes them capable to tackle them better.

Type of treatment

The type of rehab treatment you choose also impacts the duration of the treatment. There are basically two types of rehab programs that are given to the patient, one is inpatient and another one is outpatient. Outpatient rehab programs need only an hour or 2 daily for some weeks or months. It is the best option for people who are in their initial phase of addiction. For people who have a long history of alcohol or drug abuse, intensive outpatient treatment will work best for them.


The amount of time that a rehab program required to treat drug addiction varies from person to person. All the above factors impact the duration of the treatment. Though the treatment lasts for a specified duration, rehabilitation, in general, is an ongoing procedure for the entire life.

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