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Invasive Versus Non-invasive Cosmetic Facial Procedures

Are you considering one or more cosmetic procedures? If you are looking to restore a youthful glow, there are a number of options available to you. Just a few short decades ago there were far fewer options for non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

Chemical peels were the only option for skin resurfacing, and collagen or silicone injections were the only filler option. Results were often hit or miss, with the misses being quite problematic for patients.

Today’s options for patients are more varied and provide longer-lasting results. There is also an increase in the predictability in terms of results, and safety has also increased drastically.

It’s important to keep in mind that there are two types of cosmetic procedures. The first type is through what are considered to be invasive measures, or surgical measures. The second type is through non-invasive methods. Knowing which type of procedure will give you the best results can help you to make your decision.

What defines an invasive procedure?

Typically speaking, an invasive procedure is considered any type of procedure or treatment that breaks the skin. When it comes to cosmetic procedures these could include rhinoplasty, face lifts, brow lifts and implants.

What are non-invasive procedures?

The advances in technology in recent years has led to a decrease in invasive surgery. More patients are educating themselves about non-invasive procedures, and taking the time to invest in these. Non-invasive facial procedures won’t break the skin, have much shorter recovery periods and have results that can be seen almost instantly.

Some of these could include spider vein treatments, dermal fillers and injected neurotoxins like Botox. When these treatments are performed on clients, the results are almost instant.

Injected fillers

Hyaluronic acid fillers are quite popular choices for non-invasive cosmetic solutions, especially at Jade Beauty Clinic Cairns. And for good reason. They are completed in the office, in almost no time at all. After just a single day of recovery, substantial results can be seen. These results can last between six months and two years. Some of these fillers are injected deeper beneath the skin to replace lost volume, while others are injected to help with superficial fine lines and folds.

These fillers replace invasive cosmetic surgery where surgeons would otherwise need to do extensive work to restore that youthful look patients are hoping for.

Skin tightening

A face lift, or a mini face lift, was once the only way to tighten up the loose skin on the face. While this procedure is very effective and is still largely in use today, it’s not always the ideal option for every patient. Non-invasive skin tightening treatments won’t produce the same dramatic results, but they will produce results for those who perhaps are not yet ready to go under the knife.

These treatments work by heating up the deep dermis, which can result in it thickening and tightening up. There is almost no recovery phase needed and results are seen within a shorter period of time over surgical options.

There are a number of non-invasive cosmetic procedures for the face. To determine which one is the right one for your needs, first decide on what your goals are. Are you looking to fill those fine lines around your eyes and mouth? Or are you looking for subtler changes that can be accomplished by skin laser treatments? Once you know what your goals are, you’ll be ready to pursue the right treatment for your needs.

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