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Why Human Growth Hormone Is the Exclusive Option for Athletes and Body Builders?

Human growth hormone is naturally produced in the testicles and in very small proportion in the ovaries of females. The production of this hormone is triggered by the pituitary gland. Due to some reason like old age or any disorder, if there is a deficiency in the natural production of growth hormone, then man-made human growth hormone is prescribed by medical experts.

However, doctors will only recommend it after thorough medical checkup and test. As we all know that selling of this synthetic human growth hormone without proper medical prescription is highly illegal.

It is also a hot pick among athletes and body builders as it helps in easy bulking up of body muscle without any rigorous workout. They are available in pills and injection form. These human growth hormones have created wonders in enhancing the body mass and increase stamina. Excess consumption will cause severe side effects and hence, it is very important to be precise about the dosage.

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Understand and adhere the dosage of human growth hormone

HGH tablets are available online and in retail shops. However, human growth hormone tablets and injections that are available in pharmacy are genuine in quality and are reliable. Online purchase does not guarantee the genuineness of the product endorsed.

If the medication is prescribed by doctors due to health issues then they will thoroughly check through regular blood test and monitor the dosage and whether the dosage is positively or negatively affecting the patient. Overdose of this growth hormone can cause greater risk to life.

Human growth hormone cycle and dosage

Human growth hormone steroid and dosage is prescribed depended on an individual health and age. Some series may conclude up to fifty days sooner than stopping of injection dosage between twenty to forty days and then again following the same routine.

Many of them follow 5 months to 8 month dosage, but these cycles depend on how your body will be able to handle the dosage. There is the possibility that it might cause serious health issues. Before starting this dosage, it is important that you are aware about the risk it will cause.

For beginners it is recommended to go slow with the dosage as the level of fitness differs from individual to individual. You can also visit Steroidly.com to find out about doses that will be recommended to different age group and purposes.


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