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Group Counseling Benefits for Drug Rehab

drug rehab for women will almost always involve group counseling. For some patients, that can be a source of aggravation, especially those who suffer from some form of social phobia. However, certified counselors are trained to spot any individual characteristics that will dictate delaying group sessions for some of the patients.

Advantages of Group Counseling

  • Peer support. There’s nothing like getting support from people who really understand what you are going through. You can also get some realizations out of their own experiences. It’s been proven that support from the people around you will hasten the whole recovery process.
  • Inspiration. There would be times when you may fall off the wagon, so to speak. Sometimes, this is inevitable. However, group therapy sessions are found to have provided the motivation for some women because they were inspired by the courage and bravery of their peers.
  • Different perspective. In group sessions, the women are expected to provide some testimonials about their experiences. This oftentimes gives a new perspective for a patient who can relate to some of those experiences.  As a result, she will approach her own problem in a different light and hopefully, pursue a different line of attack.
  • Sense of accomplishment. At one point, you are going to lead the session. This will thrust you into a leadership role and give you a sense of accomplishment, as well as boost your self-esteem. Some women are so broken down that it’s going to take a lot to build their confidence back.
  • Rediscovering societal role. Women who are struggling with substance abuse are oftentimes isolated from their families and friends. It’s important to relearn their roles in the whole social dynamic. They will learn to interact with their peers, their elders or the authority figures.

What Can You Expect From Group Counseling?

It bears repeating that women’s rehab centers follow their own group counseling session programs. With that said, it’s just going to be a variation of the program that we will list below.  So here’s what you can expect in a typical session.

  • The chairs are arranged in a circular pattern for smaller groups. But if the patients are numerous enough, it’s going to be like a town hall type of discussion where the chairs are all facing a rostrum or stage.
  • Patients are asked to introduce themselves to the group, and the reason for their presence there.
  • Patients may provide testimonials and realizations since their last session.
  • The counselor will then proceed with the dialogue or a lecture.
  • There will also some form of activity like watching a film, role playing, assignments or writing journals, not just to break the monotony but also give the patients a sense of accomplishment.

How Long is the Treatment Process?

Patients of women’s rehab centers will undergo a routine treatment program that will last somewhere between weeks to months. A six-week program, for example, will have a daily schedule of individual meetings with a therapist, outdoor activities or group therapy sessions.

Drug or alcohol rehab for women is a complex program in the sense that each individual has her own experience. What may work for someone may be useless when the very same program is adopted for another patient. The therapist or counselor should be able to adjust on the fly as the need arises. This is the only way to ensure a holistic recovery process.

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