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Focus on the Top Current Uses of Peptides

When peptides were mentioned a few years ago, what came to mind was great body builders who used substances to get incredible gains in their muscle growth and beauty enthusiasts who used them to look great, especially in reducing the effects of aging.

But this was in the past, and present times have come along with other incredible applications for peptides, and not just in the fitness and the beauty industry. Many peptides are used to conduct medical research. Below are some of the top current uses of peptides you will encounter:

Peptides for vaccines

A lot of studies are currently in the works, which take into account the use of DNA vaccines, and peptides. A lot of research has been focused on exploring the development of peptide vaccines for diseases such as HIV/AIDS, HPV and malaria, with most of the clinical trials now being in Phase II.

Peptides for cancer treatment

The world has lost, and is continuing to lose a huge part of the population to various forms of cancer, and it is hoped that with a breakthrough in peptides and technology, it will be possible to provide remedies for various types of cancer.

Currently, scientists are studying genes related to tumors, and their regulatory factors, and how peptides can be used to interfere with the expression of genes during the development of tumors. If it turns out to be successful, then it will be a huge breakthrough in cancer treatment for the whole world.

Peptides for antiviral therapies

Viruses work by binding themselves to specific receptors on the host cells before completing nucleic replication of their own protease. It has been discovered that polypeptides can also bind themselves to the host cells, thus eliminating the active sites for the viral protease, and this is now being exploited to create antiviral therapies for a number of conditions.

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