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The Fashion Fixes You Need to Know

So, you’ve got great style. Go flaunt it! You know how to dress appropriately for any occasion, but still, stand out from the rest. You have a killer wardrobe and an even better closet of accessories. It’s taken a long time for you to amass such an enviable collection but you’ve made it. With all that you’ve gotten, don’t you ever wonder how you can better maintain or care for your clothes? Or maybe a tweak in the beauty department to further enhance your look. You don’t want to buy new clothes but want to find out what are the little things you can do to improve the way you appear to the world. Fashion may be about big brands and big statements, but even here the little things count.

Avoid the Beauty Blunders

Sure, you’ve got amazing clothes, but can you say the same about the beauty products in your arsenal? No matter how well you put together clothes, if something is amiss with your hair, makeup, skin, or even fingernails, it can bring down your entire look. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’ve got your beauty products down pat. You don’t even need a massive overhaul. Again, it’s about the little things. Example, a skin saving mask after a long night out. It’s a simple purchase that can have great benefits. Or how about using a nail growth product to strengthen nails. You don’t have to purchase a new set of nail polish. But, these products can go a long way in preventing brittle nails. Little steps like these are easy to make to ensure you look as best as you can

Clothing Care

Leathers, and silks, and lace oh my! You probably have a lot of clothes with special fabric. It’s not the usual t-shirt cotton but they come in a variety of beautiful fabrics that make your clothes keepers. The complicated part comes in taking care of them. Gone are the days when you can just throw them in the washing machine for a quick clean. Imagine chucking that brand-new lace dress in the machine along with your cotton shirts to clean. No way! For very special items, they usually come with tags that tell you how to properly care for them. If it’s as special as I imagine, most likely they’ll be dry clean only. Take time to find a laundry service that specializes in delicate fabrics. Don’t risk cleaning them in your industrially strong washing machine.

Ace your Accessories

Some people choose to invest more in their accessories. Instead of splurging on dresses and coats, they rather put the money on good bags and shoes. While you don’t have to wash them as intensely as clothes, these items still need proper care. One tip for bags is to have them stuffed. Nope, not like your Thanksgiving turkey. Whenever you’re not using the bag try stuffing it with bunches of paper. They absorb the moisture and help retain the bag’s shape. For your favorite footwear, try inserting a mold inside so it doesn’t collapse on itself. Store them in a dry and cool place so the leather doesn’t get worn out. Little steps like these can go a long way in preserving your best accessories.


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