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Easy remedies for abortion at home

Childbirth is a precious gift and of great significance to the married couples. Not everyone gets a chance to bring a new life into this world. But, unfortunately, when married couples get to know that they are about to have a baby, some accepts it wholeheartedly while others take it as pain. When it comes to pain, people start thinking how to get rid of it. Now you must be thinking there is only one way, going to a doctor and getting a surgical operation done for abortion.

But, there are some better options for you. You can always go for abortion, but you must try some easy and money saving ways to get it done. Therefore, here are some known and effective home remedies that you can try out. Usually, many of them are time-tested and hence quite known for their effective results also.

Following are some methods that you must know for home abortion remedies.

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1. Laxatives

Laxatives, if used can grow abortion as an upset stomach cannot provide a favorable condition for the fetus to grow inside the womb. If you take laxatives at a normal rate, abortion will become natural. Mainly the intake of the laxative prevents constipation. Hence it can also be an effective option for the people who just want to remove the unwanted pregnancy faster.

  1. Raspberry leaf

It carries a strong chance for abortion. The raspberry leaf may stimulate the uterus when consumed in larger amounts than expected. Thus, if you want to go for abortion, you must consume raspberry leaf tea. It is believed that midwives help induce labor and aid delivery. Though there is no proof if this method works out for everyone, you must always consult a doctor if you’re planning on taking this method for abortion. A visit to the doctor can help avoid any complication for health at an early stage only.

  1. Nutmeg tea

Nutmeg is made up from nutmeg apple. It is used as an herbal medicine across the countries in various forms, usually used as pill or powder form. It can cause abortion if taken in excessive amounts and can be consumed 3 to 4 times a day. Also, it must always be taken on the recommendation of a doctor, else must be used in the following the directions mentioned on the bottle.

These remedies are a few of the most effective remedies for abortion naturally. However, there are also many other methods, but one must try them in the first month only as they are more effective at this stage. At a later stage, they may not offer the desired results. Hence it is better to see a doctor in case of a sure abortion which can be the last option in many cases. However, it is not a legal option as per the law of the land in some countries and hence before moving any step for the abortion one must check all the legal as well as social views in the account.

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