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Cynomel – An Effective Supplement that Promotes Body Metabolism and Strength

Steroids are not approved by FDA in the United States. However, some countries approve its usage. FDA has been against steroid use for many years. They believe in natural remedies and medications. It may be good for athletes and bodybuilders, but youngsters who crave for a body like them don’t know that even players take steroids under the guidance of an instructor.

One such steroid is Clenbuterol, which was earlier used to cure breathing problems like asthma. It is now used in the fat reduction program. It is most preferred by athletes because its fat burning effect stays longer. However, some athletes still stack Clen with other substitutes. This might be beneficial, but for beginners using just Clen is much better.

Clen burns fat by increasing body temperature. However, when people stack it with Cytomel/Cynomel then it gives that extra effect which carries a long life. On recommendation, this stacking should be continued for three weeks on and off. This means after three weeks there should be a gap of another three weeks before you continue the dosage.

Cynomel is available in 100 mcg. Therefore, you need to stack Cynomel 25mcg X 3 times with Clen. This means three-fourth of one tablet is sufficient with high dosage of Clen. Even when you start with Clen as a beginner, it shouldn’t exceed more than 20 mcg. Later this can increase every 20 mcg.

This way not increasing instantly your dosage will give time to your body to adjust with the chemical.

Coming to Cytomel, it’s a T3 thyroid hormone, which is naturally produced in the human body. T3 is stronger than T4 hormone, which makes Cynomel a powerful supplement.

However, there still can be certain adverse effects of Cytomel because not every individual reacts in the same manner –

  • Headache
  • Nervousness
  • Sweating
  • Irregularity in menstrual cycle

Cynomel is widely available all over the world either in pharmaceuticals and underground. You can find them in the form of tablets and injections. Since it is very active chemical, you need to take it one or half an hour before you start exercising.

You should always avoid milk and other dairy products before taking this combination.

Clen pill doesn’t work alone it helps only when it is stacked with another supplement.

Once you get used to both medicines then you can stack them. Combining Cytomel and Clen can give tremendous results. However, if it is not followed properly, it can lead to adverse effects.

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