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Crowdfunding for Art Lessons for Underprivileged Kids 

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Crowdfunding is a process which harnesses the power of the crowd. This is done through some crowdfunding platforms like Impact Guru and through social media. Crowdfunding India is a very useful and efficient thing due to the economic status of this country. NGO crowdfunding and medical crowdfunding are particularly relevant in this country.

The process of crowdfunding involves sharing a plea for help with friends and acquaintances on various platforms. When the plea comes through a crowdfunding platform like Impact Guru, the appeal becomes more credible. People will now see this story on various social media sites and on our own site. If they feel for the cause, they can donate money to it.

Crowdfunding India is particularly relevant in issues of educating the underprivileged. India is known for its huge population and its population rates are growing steadily. This country has a large number of slums where children grow up in urban poverty. Not only has that, thousands of children grown up in rural poverty too, without access to proper education. We want to help these children and provide for them various means of enjoying their childhood.

Why are these means so important? We know from our research that children who grow up in poverty are more likely to lead a life of crime. They are also likely to take to drugs simply out of want for money. They can become drug peddlers in order to get money or drug addicts in order to kill their hunger. Therefore, we must take note of the fact that childhood is in danger in our country. Children do not belong in drug cartels or gangs. They do not belong in shabby shops and houses where they are exploited as child labour. They do not belong in red light areas where their bodies are raped. Children, we know, belong in the safe environment of their school.

We try to give children exactly that. When we think of means of helping all these children, we can think of one way that unites them all-art. Art is known to have a positive effect on the practitioner even when the practitioner is not an aficionado at it. Imagine the various functions this decision will perform. It will keep children occupied from their dreary lives. Even if they have been led astray, art has the power to bring them back to the mainstream of society. Not only that, those children that have undergone trauma can use art in a therapeutic way- to heal. Art can be used as an initiator to a larger educational programme. Once we have a child’s attention through the means of colours, we can introduce them to more educational activities.

Crowdfunding India is very important and Impact Guru in this context is the most significant crowdfunding platform. Our attempts provide a kind of credibility which such pleas would otherwise not have. We help in NGO crowdfunding and this is one of those instances when we are using our resources to raise money for a good cause. Millions of children in this country go without proper food, education and shelter. If we all contribute something, we can make their lives a little better. Please let us come together and fill the lives of these underprivileged children with colour.

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