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Should You Have Breast Reduction Surgery?

Although there are many women out there that feel that the expression “it’s like having a weight lifted off my shoulder” is more than just a saying, it’s a daily fact when considering the possibility to have breast reduction surgery.

All the following are reasons women consider this surgical option:

-Rashes that constantly appear on their chest
-Many difficulties when it comes to exercise
-Daily and constant neck and shoulder pain
-Years of stress and back pain
-Not to mention the constant struggle to find proper finding proper fitting clothes

So before you go for any surgery, know that any surgery has its risks and it is a personal decision that needs long and thoughtful moments with your spouse and or dependants or family members.

Even though statistics are showing a satisfaction rate of up to 95% of patients, as it not only gives a new body image boost in self-esteem but a new outlook on health inward and outward.

So to start with those thoughts, here are some need to know facts:

You will not be you for weeks:

Although the procedure itself is only about three hours and you usually go home the same day or the next morning, you will be full of pain and not feeling like yourself.

So it will be best if you do take some time off to recover.

Though you will be advised by your physiotherapist or surgeon it’s ok to get up and move around daily, any vigorous exercise or tasks are out for the next month or so and to ease back into things after that period as well.

There will be some scarring:

The size of the breast your surgeon has to work with will dictate how much tissue he removes and where to cut, to remove this excess tissue and like all surgeries where cutting is concerned, there will be scarring.

Fortunately most if not all the surgeons usually leave “lollipop scars” which circles the nipple and straight down from the nipple to the base of the breast (hence the lollipop name).

This is usually swollen for the first few weeks but subsides into a thin line scar but depending on genetics, it will either fade almost completely or stay that way or anywhere in between.

Plastic surgeons (who usually perform this surgery) are great at closing wounds and perfect healing sutures but in this case, your genetics will play a big role.

Loss of some nipple sensation can be expected:

Even though nipple sensation will be almost gone after surgery it will increase in about two months, but always discuss the surgical technique of nipple sensation preservation with your surgeon way before surgery, if this is a concern.

As this procedure will be performed by a plastic surgeon many if not all medical insurances and health coverages will not pay for this surgery or even your state facilities, unless properly medically motivated by your surgeon or maybe even some added motivation by your local GP, with all your life’s medical history problems due to the increased size of your breasts.

Please note it’s still not a guarantee they will pay or allow it at the state.

So before considering the procedure, sort out your medical insurance and if declined your purse strings will come into play. Also look at help from smoeone like this breast reduction philadelphia PA.

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