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What are the benefits of laser liposuction?

The added benefit of laser liposuction lipolysis is that it produces the collagen protein which makes the skin much tauter as per the results of clinical reports of over 2000 patients over just three years.

How long does the laser liposuction procedure last?

On average a session of laser lipo would take about an hour per area treated.

It may take a bit longer at times depending on the area being treated and how much “fat” is in the area that is receiving the procedure.

Even though you will see minor results within a week of treatment the major or more markable results appear after about two to about six months only.

How much laser lipo sessions are needed for the best results?

In a very relaxed and comfortable position while the technicians that are trained in this procedure will place two small paddles and two multi-laser paddles to the treatment targeted area where you will be treated at least for forty-five minutes per session.

These sessions are repeated at least three times a week for between three to six weeks.

Is the fat removed permanently with Laser Lipo?

If you allow it to come back by doing the usual fat producing things in life, like fatty foods, no exercise, etc. then it is possible for fat to return after the successful full treatment of laser lipo.

Fat loss is also reduced significantly if the patient does not refrain from the “fat producing” lifestyle during the treatment sessions as well as specifically after successful treatment.

With that being said it means that if the patient remains on a “fat-free” lifestyle and retains the post-laser lipo weight without any gaining, then no fat will return and it will be considered a successful permanent weight reduction treatment.

Is there any tightening of the skin with Laser Lipo?

Not only does the laser remove more fat than nor lipo but unlike the normal lipo, there is no sagging afterward as the Laser lipo melts away the fat and the skin which causes the skin to tighten, with the added effect of tauter skin as the laser causes the effected or treated area to produce the high in protein collagen which also tightens the skin thus less skin sagging afterward.

So patients now know that fear of sagging skin especially “chicken wings” under the upper arms will not be there.

Is cellulite removed with Laser-Assisted Liposuction?

As normal lipo removes small amounts of fat through an invasive medical procedure, that works well and removed unwanted fat quite fairly well, yet at small amounts, it is not recommended for cellulite removal as it is not very good and removing any at all.

Whereas the laser lipo does work well in this process as per the tightening of the skin and melting of the fat itself in the same process.

How does the actual laser Lipo work?

The laser of the Laser Lipo stimulates the production of collagen and elastin for a tighter, tauter, firmer and smoother skin by melting away all the unwanted fat which in turn makes it easier to vacuum out that melted liquefied fat via liposuction.

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