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Are Your Sunglasses Contributing to Acne?

People who suffer through regular acne breakouts are intimately familiar with the fact that the warm, humid weather of summer can make things worse. Warmer summer weather means more exposure to environmental conditions that can clog pores and create breakouts. Is it possible that something as simple as wearing sunglasses …

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Why Breast Size Really is a Big Deal

Living with large breasts is not an ideal situation for every woman, particularly when your self-esteem, comfort and health are being affected. Large breasts can place a lot of strain on the back, neck and shoulders, which ultimately hampers your range of motion and quality of life over the long …

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Can Tight Ponytails Lead to Hair Loss?

It’s never a nice feeling when you start noticing more hair than usual in your brush and in the bath. Losing hair as a woman can really affect your self-confidence, leaving you feeling awkward and self-conscious in social and work settings. While there are many reasons why women start losing …

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How Does Korean Ginseng Improve Health?

ginseng varieties

The most well known ginseng around the globe is likely the Korean Ginseng and it is additionally viewed as the best. This specific herb is ordinarily created in Korea and likewise in parts of China and Japan. The climatic state of Korea is known to be the best to develop …

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