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9 Signs You Need Treatment for Addiction to Prescription Drugs

Many people look at prescription drugs as being relatively harmless. After all, if a doctor can prescribe it to you, then it probably isn’t too dangerous, right? However, there are many people out there who are addicted to prescription drugs and who are seeing their health and lives suffer because of it. If you think that you might be addicted to prescription drugs, then you could be wondering if it’s time to get help. These are a few signs that you might need to seek treatment for addiction to prescription drugs.

1. You Take Your Medication Differently from How It’s Prescribed

You might have a prescription for pain medication or another type of medication, but you might not take it as prescribed. If you tend to take extra pills or to otherwise take your medication differently from how it’s prescribed, it might be time to seek help.

2. You Still Take Medication That You Don’t Need

If you still take medication even after you don’t medically “need” it anymore, such as if you are continuing to take pain medication even though your pain might have actually gone away, then it could be a bad sign.

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3. You’ve Been Dishonest to Acquire Medication

Many people who are addicted to prescription drugs are dishonest to their healthcare providers so that they can get prescriptions for certain drugs, such as by claiming that they suffer from pain even when they don’t. Some may be prescribed non-narcotic medications and may claim that they don’t work for their symptoms in an attempt to get their doctors to write them a prescription for stronger medications. There are even people who steal prescription pads, forge prescriptions and otherwise do dishonest things to acquire medication to feed their addictions. All of these things are sure-fire signs that it might be time to get help.

4. You Have Multiple Doctors

There is a limit to how much medication many doctors will prescribe to their patients. If you go to multiple doctors so that you can get multiple prescriptions for prescription medication, then it’s definitely a red flag that you might need to get help.

5. You’re Suffering from Financial Consequences

Addiction is not cheap. If you are buying a lot of prescription medication so that you can try to deal with your addiction, particularly if you are buying prescription medication off the streets rather than just taking any medication that might be prescribed, then you could be facing financial hardship because of it. Some people find that they lose their jobs and homes and that they can no longer support themselves and their families because of their drug addictions.

6. You Have Physical Withdrawal Symptoms

When you become addicted to prescription medication, then your body might go through some rather serious withdrawal symptoms if you no longer take the medication or if you don’t take as much of it as you are used to. This can happen to even those who aren’t taking medication in an effort to get “high,” but these individuals should work with their doctors to wean themselves off of their medication in a safe way. If you are unable to do this with the help of your physician, it might be time to seek additional help.

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7. You Have Had Problems with Addiction Before

If you have ever suffered from a drug or alcohol addiction in the past, even if it was not related to prescription medication, then you can be at a greater risk of becoming addicted to medication. It is important to talk to your doctor about your addiction-related history so that he or she can keep this in mind when prescribing medication. If you think that you are already struggling with an addiction to prescription medication, then seeking help soon is important.

8. You Don’t Want to Pursue Other Options

In many cases, there are treatment options for various health problems that don’t involve medication. For example, instead of taking prescription pain medication, undergoing surgery or going through physical therapy might help. Many people who are addicted to prescription medication, however, are not interested in pursuing other options.

9. It’s Causing Problems in Your Relationships

Many people who are addicted to prescription medication find that it affects their relationships. You might not be getting along with your spouse because of your use, for example, or you might have a strained relationship with your family.

The nine things listed above are all red flags. If you experience any of these things, then it might be time to seek help for your addiction to prescription drugs. To learn more, please visit The Recovery Village.

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