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Is Breastfeeding Still Possible after a Breast Lift?

Breastfeeding after a breast lift certainly feels different but it is still possible. With that being said, different types of breast surgeries affect the breasts in different ways, so there are a few factors influencing this outcome. If you are planning on having more children after your breast lift, bring …

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Why Breast Size Really is a Big Deal

Living with large breasts is not an ideal situation for every woman, particularly when your self-esteem, comfort and health are being affected. Large breasts can place a lot of strain on the back, neck and shoulders, which ultimately hampers your range of motion and quality of life over the long …

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Proper Denture Care – Look After Your Dentures and They Will Last

Nоt tоо lоng аgо, уоu spent mоѕt оf уоur tіmе іn thе dentist’s оffісе аnd wеrе рrераrеd fоr уоur nеw dеnturеѕ. Yоu waited tо receive уоur nеw dеnturеѕ аnd оnсе уоu rесеіvеd thеm, уоu wеrе struck bу hоw bеаutіful аnd brіght thеу wеrе. Yоu’vе hаd уоur nеw dеnturеѕ fоr mоrе …

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Warning Signs of Teenage Drug Abuse Disorder

Even a good parent having great relationship with their kids experiences parenting bumps, when they grow into teenagers. In teens behavior issues are common. In between their moods, change in interest and detached behavior parents find it hard to determine if it is normal are signs of serious issues. The …

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