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10 Great Arm Exercises to do at the Gym

Technique and focus get you big arms. Let’s look at the 10 best arm exercises to do for those pythons. And keep the blood pumping at your gym with a Müv fitness müvie schedule.

Remember that focus and technique come from inspiration!

  1. Hammer curl – Take a dumbbell in each hand and put your arms against your sides. Curl both weights simultaneously, using no momentum.
  2. Dips – Use a dip bar. Stay parallel to the floor with your upper arms. Lower yourself while keeping your upper arms parallel with the floor. Come up by extending your elbows.
  3. Close grip curl – Curl your body on a pullup bar, making sure that your hands are less than shoulder width apart.
  4. Diamond pushup – Using a suspension trainer, do pushups with your hands touching in a triangle position. Make sure that your body is straight and your abs are engaged.
  5. Poundstone curl – Grab your barbell with your hands shoulder width apart. Curl the bar while keeping your arms at your sides.
  6. Cable curls behind the back – Use the low pulley on a cable machine with a D-handle. Grab the handle with one hand and step the opposite foot forward. Curl, but do not ever point your elbow forward.
  7. Preacher curl – Use a preacher bench with the height adjusted so that the pits of your arms touch the top. Curl with an EZ curl bar and make sure that your arms stay pressed on the bench.
  8. Reverse curl – Use a comfortable overhand grip and keep your upper arms on your body when you curl.
  9. Face pull – Use a rope handle on the cable’s top pulley station. Grab either end with your hands, step back and pull to your fore head.
  10. Hindu pushup – Perform a pushup while rolling your body forward, down, then up until you have your torso vertical and legs straight.

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