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Tips for Staying Healthy When Travelling Long Term

 We only live once, as they say. So, it’s likely everyone is trying to make the most of their life and that includes travelling a lot. Many people find comfort in visiting the mountains, the sea, and going on other adventures. Some are satisfied with a few days or weeks of travel. However, some build their life on travelling. Other people practically live their life out of a suitcase due to business, work or other commitments.

If you’re planning a long-term travel, there are certain things you should do. In this article, we’ve put together four tips for getting the most of your travels while staying healthy.

  1. Schedule a visit to your physician. How many months are you planning to travel – five? Eight? Maybe a year? If this is the case, be sure you have a doctor’s clearance before proceeding. If you have an existing condition or illness that requires constant medication, you need to find ways to acquire your medicine abroad. Visiting a travel medicine specialist can point you to the right direction. With their contacts and multiple connections worldwide, it would be easy for them to help you find clinics or hospitals.
  2. Visit a travel doctor before you leave. In addition to managing your current health, vaccinations are crucial in preventive healthcare. That’s why on top of researching the culture of your destination, make sure you get an idea on the illnesses that are usually prevalent in your destination country or countries by asking your local travel doctor. It’s also important to talk about other possible health threats that are common. This will help you stay healthy and active despite being in a different environment.
  3. Take personal measures to avoid catching diseases. Not all diseases can be prevented by immunisation, such as with the cholera vaccine. We recommend taking personal measures to protect your wellbeing whilst travelling. Some diseases are acquired by insect or mosquito bites, some through personal contact with an infected person. Other sources include drinking contaminated water and eating dirty food. To avoid getting diarrhoea or other intestinal infections, be sure you’re only consuming foods and liquids from reliable sources.
  4. Avoid stress and protect your mental and emotional health. In the first few months, you’re probably experiencing the euphoria of a traveller. But after a few more months, you might start missing the weather, the environment, the food, and the people back in your country. Being in another culture can drain your energy and emotional health – most especially if you’re away from family and friends. Aside from travel health precautions, we also advise practising healthy measures mentally, emotionally, and physically.

The travel doctor you’re visiting is just the first step towards better health when away from your home. At TravelVax, we can start protecting you even before you travel. Our service ranges from holiday and business travellers to travel agents. We take pride in our professional team that efficiently caters for a broad cross-section of clients. Give us a call on 1300 360 164 to learn more about us. We’d love to assist you with your needs.

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