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Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…

– Mirror, mirror, on the wall who’s the prett…
– Hey, let me stop you right there. No idea who the prettiest one is but I know who nailed that the deal at the office on Monday.
– Ok, fair enough.

Intro and all that

Accept it or don’t, but the 21st century has brought about a very interesting shift in values; from a rather easy-going and semi-rushed lives the generations before us have lead (the atmosphere we, after all, were brought up in), we’ve unexpectedly become people that can (and must!) know all, be all and do all. If you are a Millennial or at least loosely fit the frame generation-wise, you get what we’re saying. Managing to maintain your work, health, social life, family, your freelance gigs and potentially (and we can’t stress the “potential” in potentially enough!) a date or – God forbid – a relationship feels like drowning. Sure, not everyone has it the same but most of us who weren’t born with a silver spoon in our mouths and daddy’s bank accounts do have to work for it.images

Out of all the aspects of this I-can-do-it-all-myself-and-I-don’t-need-help-but-I’m-actually-screaming-on-the-insidehype, there are a few prominent ones we simply cannot ignore. Health, both physical and mental, and beauty have become trending topics in the past decade or so. It’s not that we’ve got anything against these two (if anything, we’re happy there’s something positive about this whole Millennial rush) but we do find it hard to maintain the drill, unless there are a few proper tips to fall back onto.A gal needs her tutorial for everything these days, doesn’t she? With that in mind, we’ve dug a little deeper and put together a very useful guide that will helpall the busy girls out there keep their health and beauty on point while still not sweating it too much.

Adore your face

The right face cream is everything; whether you’ve already got fine lines showing or not, choosing the onethat agrees with your skin type and condition will help you keep the skin elastic, glowing and healthy. The types of creamsyou need are:

  • Moisturizer – Essential to keep the skin hydrated, prevent dry patches and flakes on your face.
  • Anti-aging – Provides a healthy glow and fights visible signs of aging. However, if you are still not IN THAT AGE that you need to fight lines, wrinkles and other face tellers of aging, refrain from the cream.
  • Acne creams – If you are fighting acne, an acne cream is a must. It will help treat your current breakouts and prevent new ones from bothering you.
  • Sunscreen – Always and everywhere. Yes, even during winter.

Don’t taboo the knife

So, we’ve landed on the Moon but we’re still sweating over a little nip and tuck? Such nonsense is absolutely beyond us. The way we see it, cosmetic surgery is one of the best inventions of all times, and it’s particularly helpful in these crazy, hectic times we live in. Whether you need a face lift, rhinoplasty, lipo or Botox – just schedule it with your trusted doctor. These things are safe, efficient and not even that expensive.Media-Makeup-by-Amanda-Shackleton

Appreciate the nature

What we very much love about this new health wave is that we’re constantly being pushed towards embracing nature and inviting it into our homes, our kitchens, our beauty products and – well – our lives.

There seems to be plenty of amazing DIY cosmetic and beauty products that you can make in the comfort of your own home and be sure what you are treating your skin with. If you are one to experiment, make sure you try it!

Don’t be a clown

If you’ve got the time to switch among contouring, strobing, baking and God-knows-what-else, go for it. There are so many YouTube tutorials available these days that you simply cannot allow yourself to leave the house looking ridiculous. If, however, you are not that into makeup or can’t be bothered to spend an hour in front of the mirror, pick up another option – go with a toned creamin your skin color with a high SPF factor. Use bronzer or blush on the cheekbones, a thick layer of mascara for emphasis and a lipstick/lipgloss. Brush out the eyebrows. Voila. Done!

Chew on health

Forget all the deep-fried delights and turn to veggies, fruits, cooked meals, lean meats and freshly squeezed juices. Drink as much water as possible. That’s that.

We do hope this one helped – it sure has helped us!

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