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Korean Red Ginseng – A Powerful Performance Boosting Supplement for Athletes

Korean Red Ginseng has significant benefits to offer when it comes to athletic performance. It increases energy levels and boosts stamina. Moreover, it also improves mental function and enhances the ability of the muscles to absorb more oxygen. As it is adaptogenic in nature, it ushers in a balancing effect on the mechanism of the body. On the other hand, adaptogens like ginseng can also facilitate a non-specific rise in resistance to various external stimulus which comprise of chemical, biological and physical factors. Ginseng can also produce a normalizing action which is regardless of pathological changes. It is a miracle herb that relieves the body of stress; athletes and coaches ideally prefer it for these benefits.

Korean Red Ginseng is a Safe Herbal Supplement for Building Athletic Endurance

Ginseng is one of those herbs that can offer a wide array of health benefits to the athletes. It increases the energy and stamina of the sportspersons. Moreover, it can also  prevent fungal infections like athlete’s foot. Hence, Koeran red ginseng is one of the most sought after dietary supplements in the world of sports which can be used by the athletes without noticing a drop in their performance levels. .

It Comprises of the Power of Ginsenosides

As per researchers in Germany, athletes who are consuming the Korean Red Ginseng supplements have experienced considerable improvements in their        fitness level. On the other hand, a group of researchers at California State Polytechnic University has concluded that individuals who consumed Korean Red Ginseng for almost 30 days have depicted an increase in endurance levels by more than 7 minutes. It is also interesting to note that this variety of Ginseng comprises of the adrenal corticotropic hormone. This hormone can bind to brain cells and can give rise to motivation and performance levels within the body of an athlete. The positive effects of Ginseng are believed to interact to the pituitary- hypothermic axis to provide a balancing force to the secretion of ACTH.

It can Prevent Fungal Infections in Athletes

It is important to note that athletes are more prone to fungal infections that comprise of illnesses like athlete’s foot and jockey’s itch. It is so because they tend to sweat a lot. In this context, it is important to note that the Ginsenosides present in Korean Red Ginseng is found to possess anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties. On the flipside, some studies have depicted that isolated Ginsenosides can stimulate the central nervous system. It is so because they can level up the production of cortisol and corticotrophin. These two compounds act as immune-stimulants. As this herb strengthens the immunity of sportspersons, the athletes can ward off many infections which further results in a faster healing of sports injuries.

Korean Red Ginseng can Treat Inflammatory Diseases

Ginsenosides have the power to heal and prevent a plethora of  illnesses in athletes. They play a crucial role in improving responses related to inflammatory diseases in human beings. Moreover, they are also considered as regulators of inflammatory responses.  Inflammation can also be caused by stress which can arise from physical and mental factors. Moreover, the joints may swell up as muscle fibers break down workout sessions. Inflammation of muscles can give rise to pain which results in the inability of the athletes to get back to practice. However, if they opt for the consumption of Korean Red Ginseng, they can witness a surge in the healing rate of muscle inflammations.

In Conclusion

Ginseng is one of those herbs that offer a plethora of benefits to the athletes. From healing muscle inflammation and preventing fungal infections to increase stamina and energy, no supplement can beat Korean Red Ginseng . On the other hand, there is no toxicity in this this variety of Ginseng. This is the reason that they are preferred by athletes all over the world.

A daily dose 100-400 mg should be taken by the athletes for three to six weeks.


Korean Ginseng – A Powerful Herb to Boost Athletic Performance

Korean Red Ginseng

Korean Red Ginseng: The Roots of Athletic Performance and Endurance


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