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Don’t let your memories sneak out of your eyes and roll down the cheeks

Everyone including you has a fair share of good times and turbulent memories. The good memories bring back a smile. You will be surprised the bad ones do more than bringing a frown on your face such as:

  • Increased level of stress on the body organs and muscular system
  • Impairment in the ability to differentiate between past and present experience
  • Increases risk on anxiety, panic and depression disorder

Luckily, Dr. Ronald Ruden has found the most definitive cure to PTSD. This therapy is called Havening.

What does Havening do?

Havening recreates the soothing effect of a mother’s touch on her child. This touch-based therapy also makes use of Eye Moving Desensitization and Reprocessing technique or EMDR along with creative visualization and deep breathing. You don’t need to really visit a psychiatrist to perform this therapy. The process of self-havening is easy to perform and takes only 15 minutes. Repeat the exercise for better results. This therapy essentially tricks your mind to process two thoughts at the same time. This is a very daunting task for working memory. It automatically relapses to the soothing touch task. The result, you remember the incident minus the trauma.

How do you practice self-havening?

Self-havening involves the following steps

  • Reliving the traumatic memory in your mind
  • Closing your eyes and gently stroking your upper arms imagining a calming situation such as walking on the beach, walking in the park
  • Counting the steps, you are taking in this imaginary walk
  • Open your eyes and start looking right to the left for 8 to 10 times while continuing with the gentle stroking of arms
  • Repeat the entire process in a different time of the day

Please ensure you find a silent place to work out this treatment, and it is guaranteed to bring you peace of mind!

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