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How you can build your Body and Still Stay Fit

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Body building is a lot of work and you must get into this only when you are ready to put in that type of hard work. Many people are of the view that while you build your body you are actually not fit or healthy but it is only the muscles that are being built. However, this is not true. You can stay fit and healthy even if you are building your body as you will be including all healthy food habits and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Here is how you can stay fit while bodybuilding

  1. Use free weights: Beginners should use barbells and dumbbells to build muscles. You may have the option of using different machines and weights but sticking to the original free weights helps.
  2. Do basic exercises: You must not be tempted to try out all the fancy exercises to build muscles. As a beginning sticking to the basic exercises like the deadlift, squat, military shoulder press and barbell bench press is the ideal option.
  3. Stick to your routine: Skipping your exercise or activity routine is not a good habit. You must stick to your routine. Taking the help of an instructor would help as he/she would guide you through an exercise program and make you do exercises in an increasing session.
  4. Take rest as well: Body building or any other sporting activity does not require you to train every day. The body needs rest as well. You can exercise five days a week and then take a break. This way you would give your body the much required exercising and rest at the same time, making it respond to muscle growth.
  5. Use Steroids: While many people think that using steroids would harm the body, it is contrary to this when you are body building. You can check out the effects and uses of steroids at https://steroid-seller.com/. When used under trained and experienced doctors, steroids help build muscle mass.
  6. Train each muscle group weekly and correctly: It is very essential to train each muscle group week to make them grow harmoniously. Concentrating on just one area would make the others lag. Moreover, you must know the correct form of exercising as doing the exercises the wrong way would prove to be disastrous.
  7. Increase weights gradually: Once you have got into the rhythm of exercising and training, you will have to make your body work more. You can do this by increasing the weights steadily. Slight increase of the weights every week would make your body get into the motion and have muscle gain.
  8. Protein diet: As far as diet is concerned, you need to eat a lot of protein as it aids in muscle building. You can include fish, dairy products, chicken, eggs, milk, some vegetables and nuts in your diet. You can even add protein shakes to your diet to supplement the protein intake.
  9. Avoid junk food: This goes without saying that staying away from junk food is essential to get the body that are working for.

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