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The Best Melasma Treatments to Fade Away Discoloration

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If you suffer from melasma you know how terrible of a condition it can be to deal with everyday. People with melasma experience dark patches on different areas on their face. Sometimes these unwanted dark patches will show up on the chin, other times on the forehead, and occasionally on the cheeks.

This skin condition is not life threatening but it can cause a lot of embarrassment to those who have it. For example, melasma can show up on your upper lip and make it appear as if you have mustache when you don’t. Since women are the ones who usually develop melasma you can only imagine how humiliating it can be to have a spot on your face that makes it look like you have facial hair.

When it comes to melasma treatments there are a variety of different things you can do. Most people turn to creams in order to get rid of the dark patches caused by this skin condition.

The most popular cream used for melasma is hydroquinone. This is a chemical that removes melasma from the face by inhibiting the production of melanin in the skin. However, hydroquinone can cause skin irritation and other side effects that make it risky to use.

Most of the times you’ll need a prescription to get the hydroquinone cream. Other than creams there are also laser therapies used for the removal of melasma. However, removing your melasma through laser therapy can be very costly.

Just one laser therapy session can cost you between $1,000 to $1,500 depending on the severity of your condition. It can take several laser therapy sessions to fully remove the melasma discoloration on your face. So you better have a lot of money in your bank account in order to keep up with the costs of the laser treatment.

One of the most important things you can do to keep your melasma condition under control is to use a good sunscreen regularly on a daily basis. Go with at least an SPF 30 sunscreen that you can apply on your skin regularly without irritating your skin.

The more you apply the sunscreen the less chance the sun has of worsening the dark spots on your face. Along with wearing your sunscreen wear big hats that protect your face from the rays of the sun when you go outside.

There are also supplements like MSM that can help treat melasma effeciently. Supplements like MSM treat melasma from the inside by correcting any hormone imbalance that could be causing the problem. In order for your MSM supplementation to be effective you’re going to have to take large doses on a daily basis.


These are some of the best treatments for melasma that have been known to fade away this hyper-pigmentation. With whatever treatment you decide to use make sure you stay consistent with it, and of course constantly apply a good SPF 30 sunscreen to keep the melasma from darkening or returning once you finally remove it.

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